Concrete Kerbs & Edgings

concrete kerbs

Hughes manufacture concrete kerbs and channels to suit all construction and infrastructure requirements. We keep all shapes and sizes in stock, allowing us to cater for projects of any scale – big or small.

Concrete kerbs form an important feature of any landscape when used to create and protect boundaries; driveways, gardens, bedded and paved areas.

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Plain Concrete Kerbs

These wet cast concrete kerbs have a smooth finish and are lighter in colour. They are available in 3′ lengths and in 3 sizes as follows:

6″ x 5″ (150mm x 130mm)
7″ x 4″ (180mm x 100mm)
8″ x 4″ (200mm x 100mm)


Pressed Concrete Kerbs

Dry cast concrete kerbs pressed into the mould to produce a strong, robust kerb.  This type has a dimpled finish and is darker in colour than the plain kerb.  Most commonly used along driveways, & road side.

7″ x 4″ (180mm x 100mm)
8″ x 4″ (200mm x 100mm)
10″ x 5″ (255mm x 130mm) Used by councils for footpaths etc.

All in 3′ lengths, but available in 12″ and 18″ pieces also.

6″ x 5″ Bullnose (150mm x 130mm) Used in conjunction with the 10″ x 5″ at entrances, along with a 10×5 dropper kerb which matches the 10×5 to the 6×5 in a slope.

Quadrants are available to finish off corners (matches 10″ x 5″)


Garden Edge Kerb

A simple rounded top 6″ x 2″ kerb (150mm x 54mm) 3′ length. Used to finish off flower beds etc.  Not recommended for use beside driveways.

The wet cast production produces the lighter grey colour as shown


Scallop Edge Kerb

Unlike most of our kerbs this one is only 2″ in length, so be sure to order enough of them!  Each arc is 6″ in diameter (4 per kerb), and the dimensions are 6″ x 2″ (150mm x 50mm)



Rope Edge Kerb

This smooth finished kerb with a rope edge top (1 side), is 18″ in length, and again measures 6″ x 2″ (150mm x 50mm)


Dwarf Wall Kerb

2 sizes in this kerb, 15.5″ and 24″ (height).  Can be used where there is a bigger difference in ground levels.

15.5″ x 3.5″ x 36″ (400mm x 90mm x 915mm)
24″ x 3.5″ x 36″ (610mm x 90mm x 915mm)


Channel Kerbs

6″ x 3″ (150mm x 75mm) wet cast plain finish only
8″ x 4″ (200mm x 100mm) available in pressed & plain finishes

For heavy water traffic, consider the drainage kerbs below



Drainage Kerbs

7.5″ x 7.5″ x 36″ (187mm x 192mm x 915mm)

This kerb has a sloped surface to drain into a 4″ centre. Once backed up well with good strength concrete these would be suitable for light vehicle traffic.


Heavy Duty Drainage Kerbs


16″ x 11.5″ x 24″ (410mm x 290mm x 610mm)

Please note that the removable grid on top is not sold with the kerb.