Concrete Pig Slats

pig slatsCE Certified Pig Slats

Hughes pig slats are manufactured using modern, dry-cast production techniques. A low water/cement ratio results in a durable slat which is crucial in such a toxic environment.

Having worked with most of the leading pig producers in the UK and Ireland we have gained invaluable experience in the area of pig housing.

We pay close attention to customers of all size as such, our range of pig slats have developed through the years taking close consideration;

  • welfare compliant – slot widths, beam widths and percentage opening
  • effective drainage
  • grip and animal confidence
  • easy cleaning
  • longer spans to suit construction

Product benefits include:

  • Vast range of sizes from 1.225m to 4.27m long (4’ to 14’)
  • High Strength for great durability
  • Brushed Finish – reduced slip surface
  • Manufactured with Dry-mix concrete for added strength
  • Manufactured to IS EN 12737
  • Safe Access manhole slats – galvanized or concrete lids

Please speak to our experts today who will be happy to advise on the best solution for your individual needs.

Our agricultural product range is manufactured and certified to EN12737. Our quality control procedures are externally audited annually. For quality and experience, choose Hughes Precast Products.

Download our full Pig Slat Brochure to view product and size information

concrete pig slats

Concrete Pig Slats