Balustrade Walls

Create an elegant boundary using a Concrete Balustrade Wall

Concrete balustrade walls are popular for balcony, patio and garden boundary applications. With a high quality finish, customers have the option of leaving the wall with a natural concrete finish or painting to a colour of their choice.

Concrete Balusters & Cappings

Hughes balustrade columns (or concrete balusters) are 21 inches tall with a neat 6 inch square base. Three columns are positioned between a concrete base and coping, each measuring 3 foot in length.

When a balustrade wall runs up tight to an existing wall or face, a half concrete baluster can be used to ensure a neat and attractive transition.

Concrete BalustradeBallustrade-Walls1







To view examples of balustrade walls google ‘concrete balusters’ or click here.

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