Hollowcore Flooring

precast concrete hollowcore flooringHollowcore flooring

Are you building a house? Do you require precast concrete hollowcore flooring?

Our sister companies, Wright Quarry Products and Spanwright UK, will be happy to provide our customers with free quotations for any upcoming project.  Technical staff can advise you best on whether you need precast or prestressed hollowcore floors or a combination of both.  Once you have decided on a flooring layout please contact us to discuss your precast lintel & sills requirements.

Here are the contact details for both companies:

Northern Ireland Customers:                                      UK Customers:
web: www.wright.ie                                                      web: www.spanwright.co.uk
e-mail: info@wright.ie                                                 e-mail: sales@spanwright.co.uk
tel: +353 42 9744500                                                  tel: +44 1793 441 474

Precast concrete floors are more economic for shorter floor spans (up to 6m) and light loading situations, e.g. Housing / residential construction, while Prestressed flooring units can span longer distances and take heavier loads, thus more suited to commercial projects.