Traffic Cones

Do you want to stop vehicles from driving on your grass verge? Concrete Traffic Cones may be the way forward.

We have 2 options to choose from.

Traffic Cone

Standard traffic cone shown here to the right has a 10″ square base and is 20″ tall.  You have the option of adding an eye-hook to the top should you wish to drape a chain link fence from one to the next.

Large Traffic Bollard

Our most recent design, the large concrete bollard, has a 24″ square base, 24″ high, and a hole 1″ in diameter through the top of it for connecting a linked or wire fence from one to the next:
The large concrete bollard:

  • Eliminates illicit parking
  • Stops unauthorised vehicles from entering a site
  • Controls traffic
  • Prevents ram raiding
  • Complements both rural and urban environments
  • Can be used temporarily on paved areas
  • Durable

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