Gully Surround

We use gully surrounds to define and protect the area around the opening to a gulley, usually at ground level. You can see them where soil or rainwater pipes meet with the waste drain in a trapped gulley, or in a larger area where rainwater is falling towards a central drain.

You can choose from 3 sided and 4 sided gully surrounds available depending on where you need to place it. If you leave the surround raised it will help to keep debris away from the opening of the gulley, and protects from splashback in the surrounding area. For a plush finish, you can leave them level with the surrounding surface for example in a patio area. Feel free to browse our patio flags page

We have produced in a wet-cast facility, meaning they have a smooth finish.

Gully Surround

Road Gullies are also available in trapped or un-trapped varieties.